William Jacob Morgan
Bill Morgan—now twenty-eight years old—was an American entrepreneur in the making. After a year in business, he had the chance to sell the café at a profit and took it. Engaging in a variety of other endeavors including the wholesale meat business, he worked day and night, gaining more and more confidence as a businessman.
Although Bill still questioned his ‘Jewishness’ in the aftermath of the war, after years of living in the United States and witnessing the freedom and vitality of American Jewish life, his faith in Judaism slowly began to resurface again. Yet something was still missing. While renting a room in the home of a Jewish family, Bill realized the time had come to focus on finding a wife and starting his own family—to rebuild the family he had lost. It was then that he met Shirley, the beautiful Sephardic Jewish girl who lived next door.
She believed in him and his ambition, and he finally felt a sense of purpose and happiness, so in 1954 Bill and Shirley married and began their new life together. After the birth of two sons Ronnie and Michael, and modest success in the meat business, Bill decided to construct a building in order to expand the business. By 1960, after their daughter Mindy was born, he sold the meat business at a nice profit and founded a new real estate company called Globe Construction along with a property management subsidiary, Globe Management.
His daughter Wendy was born in 1964, and in 1968 his son Scott completed the Morgan family. With pride in the birth of each child, Bill still silently yearned for the family he lost and vowed to protect and work tirelessly for the new legacy he created. Because he started out with nothing, he longed to give them everything.
Growing his company and raising his five children were Bill’s absolute priorities. Tantamount to strong family values was his natural drive and a hands-on attention to detail. Later renaming it The Morgan Group Inc., the business thrived and over the years expanded into the multi-million dollar real estate and construction company it is today.
Having accomplished everything he set out to achieve, Bill has dedicated his energy to keeping the memory of the Margulies family alive. In 1997, he self-published a book titled “Living Longer Than Hate” and played a fundamental role in establishing the Holocaust Museum Houston. He raised funds for its development, established a meaningful memorial to his family, and his company helped build the Museum which he continues to generously support. From Poland to Russia, Germany to America, Yossela fulfilled the promises made from his tiny village so long ago.
At every opportunity, Bill teaches the vital lessons of the Holocaust by spreading messages of love, tolerance and respect. In addition to serving on the boards of several organizations, he is now a consultant to the family business and still goes to the office every day. From his pleasing corner office, his eyes proudly navigate the walls of pictures of his wife, five children and fourteen grandchildren. William Jacob Morgan can finally sit back and without guilt, enjoy his legacy and smile peacefully at the beautiful treasures life has given him.

Yossela Margulies
Stefan Chesnofski
Willie Weisberg
William Jacob Morgan

Wolf 'Yossela' Margulies
Czerniejow, Ploand
May 18,1925

Yitzhak Marqulies d. in Holocaust
Ettel Gabirer Marqulies d. in Holocaust

Sarah, d. in Holocaust
Solomon, d. Stanislawow Ghetto,1941
Bunya, d. in Holocaust
Byla, d. in Holocaust
Two other brothers, d. in Holocaust